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Mindfulness Eating: benefits, tips and exercises

Mindfulness Eating Benefits

Guest post by Laura-Lee ♥ Mindfulness Eating: Meditation for Meal Time So much positive media has been directed at mindfulness eating lately, there’s little doubt you’ve heard something about the benefits of it. But did you realize that bringing acute awareness to mealtime is all but replacing the notion of “dieting”? Thank goodness for that! Where other fitness trends fail, mindful eating succeeds. As the study results pour in, mindful eating exercises are proving to be a truly tangible, measurable, way to live a healthier, happier lifestyle — longterm. Fad diets are on their way out, mindfulness eating is in. Mindfulness Eating Benefits Make healthier food choices.Enjoy food and meal...

DIY Coffee Scrub & massage – an awesome combination

DIY Coffee Scrub & Massage – An Awesome Combination

Guest post by Clara There’s a good chance you love a cup of coffee to kickstart your day – but have you ever used it in your beauty regime? Believe it or not, coffee has the amazing ability to tone your skin and reduce cellulite. Use it as a base ingredient in a homemade scrub to reap the benefits. The key ingredients in a typical DIY Coffee scrub are as follows:  Coffee: The caffeine in coffee acts as a diuretic. This means it encourages the body to release excess fluid, thereby reducing puffiness. According to research published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, it can also reduce the amount of fat...

A Vegan guide to food waste management

A Vegan Guide to Food Waste Management

Special contribution by Jackie Americans are world leaders in many areas, but perhaps one of the things that the US can improve upon is food wastage. It is estimated that 50% of all produce goes to waste. That’s 60 million tons and $160 million worth of once perfectly good food. Vegans can take pride in knowing that a Vegan lifestyle is not just good for personal health, but for the environment as well. However, the rate at which fruits and vegetables go bad can mean we waste more than we’d like. So how should a vegan go about dealing with food waste? It all starts with understanding the implications. The waste implications...

The power of Hydrosols for your beauty and skincare routine

how to use rose water in your skincare routine

Guest post by Trysh Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are the byproducts of the distillation process to make essential oils from plants. Because of this, the fragrances of hydrosols are much less intense than those of essential oils and some users also claim that they have a “greener” fragrance. Furthermore, hydrosols have many of the benefits and chemical compounds of their source plants though not at the high concentration of essential oils, making them much more suitable for direct skin contact without dilution. One popular hydrosol that you may actually be familiar with is rosewater, which is created from the distillation of rose petals. There are a long list...

20 amazing Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes for busy week nights

Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes

If you never have enough time to prepare a home-made dinner during those hectic week nights, a slow-cooker might become your best friend: it does all the work for you! I’ve assembled 25 of the best Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes so you can enjoy a home-cooked dinner every night. Hello my beautiful friends,as I’m writing this Europe (and the whole Northern Hemisphere actually) is being hit by a heat wave. All we’re having these days is fast, easy Summer meals but as the Autumn child that I am, I’m already dreaming and wishing for Fall to come soon. It’s only natural that I’m planning on all the great soups, stews and...