Green Goddess Spinach Pesto to glow from within

Green Goddess Spinach Pesto

Glow from within with this versatile, nutrient-packed Green Goddess Spinach Pesto packed-full of vitamins, antioxidants and macronutrients Hello my beautiful friends! Today I’m sharing with you a super simple yet super healthy recipe for Green Goddess Spinach Pesto to glow from within. This creamy, tasty, inexpensive and versatile pesto can be made in under 5 minutes and goes well with just about everything: pasta, of course, but also rice, zoodles, potatoes, soups, not to mention it’s absolutely perfect in sandwiches for picnic season! Every time I see fresh spinach at the supermarket, I make sure to buy at least one big bag. Fresh spinach is delicious both raw and cooked,...

Yummy White Bean and Garlic Dip with lemon and chives

Yummy White Bean and Garlic Dip

Guest post by Heather Hey there, Seven Roses readers! My name is Heather and I’m the author of, a frugal living blog for budget-savvy Millennial women. One of my passions is affordable vegan cooking, so you’ll find loads of vegan recipes on my blog! That’s the main reason I’m guest blogging here on Seven Roses today; the lovely Francesca had asked whether I would be interested in contributing an original recipe to her blog in the lead-up to the holidays, and I jumped at the chance! So I’ve got what I think is a pretty darn good dip recipe for you, my vegan darlings… After tasting a white bean...