Pink Beet Creamy Soup ♥

Pink Beet Creamy Soup ♥

Don’t let the cute pink color fool you: this Pink Beet Creamy Soup is not only beautiful and perfect for Valentine’s Day; it is also a real power house when it comes to nutrition Hello my beautiful friends! As you can see the SevenRoses HQ are in full “Valentine’s Day” mode. You asked for it, and here it is: a pink, romantic yet totally healthy main dish that you can serve for a Valentine’s Day meal, but not only. As you must know by now, a healthy, comforting soup is one of my favorite things to cook all year long; not only are they easy to put together in large...

Lunch in 10: Vegan Alfredo with hemp seeds and tomatoes

Vegan Alfredo with hemp seeds and tomatoes

Now that the days are getting warmer, simple, quick lunches are a must in our household. This is the perfect example of a balanced meal packed with proteins and that will keep you full for hours: a creamy pasta dish loaded with tomatoes complete with super-healthy hemp seeds. The “Alfredo sauce” is ridiculously easy to make and delicious, too – it’s rich, flavorful and velvety: it’s made from a packaged organic rice cream for convenience, garlic powder and nutritional yeast. The idea for this recipe came from an amazing soy-based Swedish fettucine pasta. Fettuccine are probably among my favorite types of pasta, but as the Italian tradition wants, they often contain eggs,...