Triple-layer cheesecake hearts (Gluten-free, Vegan)
A chocolate-lover dram base layer, a luxuriously creamy cheesecake layer and finally your choice of berry or chocolate top layer. These romantic Triple-layer Cheesecake Hearts are completely dairy free, vegan, and gluten free! Perfect for Valentine’s Day or all year round ♥
For the base layer ( Torta Caprese )
Cheesecake layer
Berry layer
Chocolate layer
Vegan Torta Caprese base layer
  1. Start by melting dark chocolate in a water bath (or in the microwave if you prefer). As soon as it starts melting remove from the heat and add the plant-based milk, stirring gently.
  2. Add the almond flour, the oil oil, brown sugar and cornstarch to the chocolate. Finally add the baking powder and vanilla essence. Mix gently until a creamy, smooth mixture is obtained.
  3. Pour the mixture in 4 heart shaped silicon molds (or plain silicon muffin molds) and bake at 180°C/350°F degrees for about 15 minutes. Once baked, let them cool down and put in the freezer, covered.
Cheesecake Layer
  1. Once the cake layer has cooled down, simply combine the plant-based cram cheese, the powdered sugar and the vanilla essence and mix well. Taste and adjust accordingly.
  2. Delicately scoop the cream cheese mixture on top of the heart-shaped mini chocolate cakes, cover and put back in the freezer for the last step.
Berry layer
  1. Mix the frozen berries with a little bit of water, heat up on the stove or in the microwave. The berries should quickly become soft and release all their juice. Strain it and pour it over the cold cheesecakes. Put back in the freezer.
Chocolate layer
  1. Mix the dark chocolate squares with the coconut oil. Heat up for 30 second increments in the microwave until completely melted. Pour on top of the the cold cheesecakes. The chocolate layer will almost immediately become hard (this same technique can also be used for a hard shell chocolate ice cream topping). Put back in the freezer.
  2. ♥ And enjoy with the one you love!
Recipe Notes

These Triple-layer cheesecake hearts are to be kept in the freezer, but you’ll want to let them thaw for 5 minutes before serving. That way, you get a perfectly luscious and creamy heart when you serve it. Slide a knife on the edges to help pop them out of the molds.

If you don’t have a silicon heart shaped mold, you can achieve the same triple-layered result with plain silicon muffin molds.

I advice to make these the day before serving them, or at least the cake layer in order to have time to cool it down properly.

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