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Dairy-free Vegan fruity popsicles

Vegan fruity popsicles

A delicious and healthy summer treat to cool down instantly: colorful and oh- so-easy-to-make Dairy-free Vegan fruity popsicles Hello my beautiful friends! Wouldn’t you agree, on a hot summer day, nothing tastes better than a homemade fruity popsicle straight out of the freezer. Taking a bite out of these colorful treats is refreshingly yummy and also healthy at the same time. No chemical food dyes, no artificial sweeteners, just a few simple ingredients and fresh fruit. This type of healthy dessert is probably the easiest summer treat you can make, and I bet children will love to participate in the making, too. Just choose your favorite summer fruits and mix with...

Rich and creamy Vegan coffee ice cream

creamy and rich Vegan coffee ice cream

One thing that you’ll find out once you go Vegan, is that you will want to experiment with food much more than before, most people agree on this. Your taste buds get “detoxed”, you become curious in the kitchen and you’ll try ingredients you’ve never tried before. In this sense, a Vegan diet is much more varied than a “standard” one. I could give you hundreds of examples, but I’ve never thought I’d make my own version of a Vegan cream cheese (super easy, too, stay tuned for the recipe soon) or my own Vegan ice cream at home. And yet here I am, happily churning away some rich and...