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Last minute Vegan snacks for The Super Bowl 🏈

Last minute Vegan food ideas for The Super Bowl

Game day wouldn’t be as iconic as it is without some yummy, delicious food. These last minute Vegan snacks for The Super Bowl can be scaled to feed a small crowd, a couple or even just for one person. They are so last-minute that I’m sure you already have most of the ingredients ;-) Vegan charcuterie board / Vegan antipasto platter If you’re looking for a really easy and fun entertaining idea, learn how to make a Vegan charcuterie board/antipasto platter that everybody will enjoy! Vegan Caciotta Cheese An easy, delicious, addictive Caciotta-style Vegan cheese that is firm and sliceable, perfect for a Vegan charcuterie board! This authentic looking, nut-free, low-fat Vegan cheese...

Google’s top “How To…” searches of 2020

Google's top "How To..." searches of 2020

Have you seen the Google trends of 2020? It comes as no surprise that the “How To…” section revolves around making yourself safer during the pandemic. And indeed 4 of the top 5 How to searches have all been among the trending posts here on as well. Well, it makes sense, as many of us have been stuck at home and trying to cope (mentally, physically and objectively) with Coronavirus. So here is what the majority of us has been making (or wanting to make) during 2020 at home: How to make hand sanitizer Learn how to make your own effective, anti-bacterial, natural DIY hand sanitizer gel: it’s very simple...