Doe Deere’s Daily Morning Routine

Doe Deere's Daily Morning Routine

Doe Deere, founder of Vegan makeup brand Lime Crime, has a daily morning routine that is healthy and stimulating. If you’re a fan of beauty, read along! Disclosure: I couldn’t wait to share this sponsored post with you.  When I’ve been asked to share Doe Deere’s Morning Routine, I was so excited because I knew that you would love it, too! :-) Photo: Courtesy of @DoeDeere Do you have a person who you idolize? In the world of beauty, Doe Deere is the perfect candidate. She’s a pioneer in the makeup industry; as a matter of fact, Doe Deere is the very woman behind the face of Lime Crime. Known...

Spring Pamper Routine – Vegan & Cruelty-free

Spring pamper routine

Some of my most highly requested posts are cruelty-free pampering routines – I’m glad more and more people are interested in Vegan & Cruelty-free beauty. So now it’s the perfect time to do a new one as Spring is here and I’ve changed quite a few of the products I love & use (also thanks to some massive hauls in the past few weeks). Today I’ll be pairing some old favorites with some newly found absolute must-haves. I try to do this pamper routine once a week, mostly on Sundays when I’m back from trail running. Usually I’m not this high-maintenance, I even have simple minimalist routines during the week....

Minimalist summer hair care routine – Vegan & cruelty-free

Minimalist summer hair care routine

When I think of summer hair, I imagine wild, natural hair that flows in the seaside breeze. Mind you, this is the first summer I spend thousands of kilometers away from the nearest beach, but yet that image and sensation is imprinted in my memory. That’s why when summer comes around, I try to minimize my hair care routine using only natural products that are not only effective but also Vegan and cruelty-free in order to get get the results that I’m looking for while still being able to live green and leave a minimal footprint. So for today I’ve got five products to share with you, and they’re all...

My top 5 cruelty-free products for glowy, radiant skin

My top 5 cruelty-free products for glowy, radiant skin

  Today I want to share with you my top 5 cruelty-free products for glowy, radiant skin that will help you in your quest for beautiful, glowing skin. If you know me, you know that I like to keep things pretty simple for everyday looks, and I feel that healthy, radiant, flawless skin is all you really need to feel beautiful. When you have a good-skin day, you don’t even feel the need to apply tons of makeup (unless you really want to). But please do remember that skin, being the biggest organ of your body, cannot simply look healthy if you don’t feed it the right way: a plant-based,...

January favorites: winter survival edition

January favorites

So, January’s over. Wait, what? Weren’t we all in the xmas mood just a couple of weeks ago? Apparently not and I’d better get started on all those new year’s resolutions (like this one for example) or it will be waaaay too late. Anyway, how’s the weather where you live? I’m finally having a winter like those I’ve always wanted with freezing days and snowfalls. If you want to see what a typical day having fun outdoors looks like here, head on over to this photo my husband: Lispach Lupus. So this past month’s favorites are all about surviving the cold frigid temperatures with nonchalance. First up, Salcura bio skincare...

My favorite skincare oils

My favorite skincare oils

Today I’m very happy to talk to you about something that has been requested many many times: my favorite skincare oils. I’ve been using oils in my skincare for the past few years, way before the whole “coconut oil frenzy” started, as I’ve always known that pure, natural oils like olive oil was used in very simple beauty routines by my own grandmothers – extra-virgin olive oil being the jewel of the Mediterranean area. A little dab of olive oil was used to moisturize face and hair already a long time ago, when skincare creams were a luxury. The products I’m going to show you are 100% natural, cruelty-free and...