Vegan Fall recipes: healthy and delicious seasonal dishes

Vegan Fall Recipes

Find many seasonal recipes inspired by the flavors of fall, such as pumpkins, mushrooms, beets, celeriac, cabbages and so on, for healthy and delicious Vegan Fall Recipes ideas. Hello my beautiful friends! I do not know about you, but I LOVE autumn (yeah you might already know that if you read this blog and/or follow me on Instagram – you totally should by the way ;D ). Possibly because I was born in Fall and feel a deep connection to this season, or because I don’t enjoy the heat (says the girl that once moved to a beautiful Tropical Island, go figure), or because I like the comforting layers of...

20 amazing Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes for busy week nights

Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes

If you never have enough time to prepare a home-made dinner during those hectic week nights, a slow-cooker might become your best friend: it does all the work for you! I’ve assembled 25 of the best Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes so you can enjoy a home-cooked dinner every night. Hello my beautiful friends,as I’m writing this Europe (and the whole Northern Hemisphere actually) is being hit by a heat wave. All we’re having these days is fast, easy Summer meals but as the Autumn child that I am, I’m already dreaming and wishing for Fall to come soon. It’s only natural that I’m planning on all the great soups, stews and...

Easy Vegan Summer lunch ideas in under 10 minutes

Easy Vegan Summer lunch ideas in under 10 minutes

With these Easy Vegan Summer lunch ideas your next healthy, yummy and amazing meal is just minutes away! Hello my beautiful friends! Technically it’s still Spring, and yet here temperatures have been rising so quickly that most days it feels like Summer. I am a firm believer that warmer months are for taking it easy in the kitchen, that’s why today we’re going through some amazing quick and easy Vegan summer lunch ideas that will be ready in under 10 minutes. With these recipes, you won’t have to spend time at the stove, and you will have time to do all the wonderful things Summer days are made for: outdoor...

The ultimate Easter & Springtime Vegan recipe collection

The ultimate Easter & Springtime Vegan recipe collection

Get those veggie quiches, chocolate eggs and pastel-colored carrot cakes ready, Easter is in just a few days! Hello my beautiful friends, Easter is in just a few days!!! :-O Today I share with you the ultimate Easter & Springtime Vegan recipe collection with the help of some fabulous fellow bloggers. These Vegan Easter recipes will help you find and choose the perfect dish that will impress your guests for your Spring feast, Easter brunch, Easter lunch, or Easter Monday picnic – a Vegan selection to bring back the most beloved memories or make new ones. Whether you’re looking for a meatless, healthier, plant-based option, a Vegan-friendly recipe or you...

Vegan Crêpes party (Chandeleur)

Vegan Crêpes party

Hello my beautiful friends! Today in France and some other francophone countries we celebrate “La Chandeleur” (Candelmass). Originally Chandeleur (candlelight festival) was an ancient Pagan and Latin festivity – its etymology is festa candelarum, and it later became a Christian religious festival corresponding to the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. Chandeleur is celebrated exactly 40 days after Christmas. In France, Belgium and parts of Switzerland Chandeleur is still celebrated in some churches on February 2nd, although nowadays it’s best known as “the day of the crêpes”, which is a perfect excuse to eat savory and sweet crêpes as both the main course and dessert for a real Vegan Crêpes...