Relaxation and meditation: health benefits

Relaxation and Meditation: Health Benefits

Guest post by Uma Here’s all you need to know if you want to learn more about meditation: it’s health benefits, its advantages, and how you can make the most out of this ancient relaxation practice to achieve a state of mindfulness. We live in a world filled with constant activity. From work to balancing family life, it can be difficult to find time to relax and unwind. All of that go-go-go can lead to major stress. While stress can be good for the body and the mind, if it’s experienced in high levels over a long period of time, it can wreck havoc on our overall health and well-being....

5 tips for teaching mindfulness to kids

5 tips for teaching mindfulness to kids

Guest post by Samara Hello my beautiful friends! Today we have a special guest, Samara the creator of TinyFry. She’s a wonderful, loving person and I’m so happy she decided to share with SevenRoses’ readers a very interesting post about teaching mindfulness to young kids. So if you want to learn a few easy strategies to teach appreciation for the present moment to your little ones, please welcome Samara as she shares her 5 Tips for Teaching Mindfulness to Kids with us! Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash [tweetshare tweet=”5 easy tips for teaching mindfulness to kids ♥ to reduce stress, improve mental development and increase creativity among many other...

20 daily Gratitude & Abundance Affirmations

20 daily Gratitude and Abundance Affirmations

20 daily Gratitude and Abundance Affirmations to start your journey to a more abundant, grateful life Hello my beautiful friends, today I thought I’d share with you something that has changed my life for the better in the past couple of years. Too often we get caught into our daily lives and start noticing only the negative aspects while overseeing all the good that our lives are filled with. For me, it all started with a “Yes, thank you” mantra during my morning bed-yoga mini routine (I talk about it in my Feel-good Summer morning routine if you want to read it). Adding these simple words to my days, as...