May favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

May 2016 favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

Hello beautiful rose buds! I hope you’ve been having an amazing day. We’ve just wrapped up May so I decided to post some of my May Favorites, from beauty to books to TV stuff & more… Without further rambling, let’s get started on some May Favorites ^.^ I’m loving… During May I’ve made my second order on the lovely website Natural Forme, to get some more original Savon d’Alep for my husband (it’s the only product he wants in the shower lately) and since I was already on the site, I got some of the products that turned out to be my faves for the month of May, namely: the...

October favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

October favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

October has always just been “the month before my favorite month” but this year things have changed. Since moving to Vosges, Autumn has taken a whole new aspect. It has always been my favorite season, but mostly because of childhood memories of life in the Prealps region. The past couple of years we’ve skipped Autumn altogether, moving from a warm to a deadly warm area. This time around, October has been a blessing, with leaves changing color everyday from green to red to yellow, cold nights, starry skies, a mix of melancholic and poignant beauty. We even had a couple of days with snow! I don’t know what November will...