20 gifts you can make this holiday season

Hello my beautiful friends! In spite of what brands/stores want us to think, holiday time is not all about buying the most expensive gifts. I like to buy a few special gifts, but I also love to make something with my own hands, spending time and putting all my attention and care into what I’m making. If you love to make your own gifts, too, you’re in luck. I’ve gathered 20 wonderful gift ideas from a selected group of talented fellow bloggers. These are gifts you can make until the very last minute, that are easy to make, require just a few ingredients/materials and that are wonderful to have on...

10 free fonts for bloggers & creatives

10 free fonts for bloggers & creatives

Today I want to share with you something a little different: 10 free fonts for bloggers & creatives. I love fonts and I think they require an amazing amount of work. Hats off to all font-makers out there! I am no stranger to buying fonts, and my favorite website to find commercial fonts is Creative Market *, but all my admiration goes to font creators that give share their fonts for free, for personal as well as commercial use. These are some of the latest free fonts I found that are not famous yet and that will bring your next project to a whole new level. Enjoy! The ones above...

Free printable: Santa’s Vegan Cookies and Milk

Santa's vegan cookies and milk - free printable

Do you (or your kids) leave out a little snack for Santa and his Reindeer the night before Christmas? I remember I used to leave out a little dish with a few cookies and a glass of milk for Santa when I was a child. The best part of it, was getting up in the morning and finding out that he indeed ate all the cookies, only a few crumbles were left behind! So today I am sharing some fun Christmas Printables for Santa’s Vegan Cookies and Milk, so that every household can carry out this tradition. This will be a wonderful midnight snack for Santa, because of course he’s...

Hello September! free smartphone wallpaper

Hello September! free smartphone wallpaper

It’s September… and so many things happened since the last time I’ve posted something here. To name one, I’ve moved to a different house, in a different country, in a different continent. Oh yes, and it feels so GOOD to be back in Europe! Pictures of the new house will come soon, together with some DIY and décor ideas :-) But for now, I’ll keep it sweet & short and share a freebie for your smartphone (it should work for any resolution, whether you have a brand new Apple iPhone or an oldish Motorola). Do let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work for your screen resolution and...