Hello September! free smartphone wallpaper

Hello September! free smartphone wallpaper

It’s September… and so many things happened since the last time I’ve posted something here. To name one, I’ve moved to a different house, in a different country, in a different continent. Oh yes, and it feels so GOOD to be back in Europe! Pictures of the new house will come soon, together with some DIY and décor ideas :-)

But for now, I’ll keep it sweet & short and share a freebie for your smartphone (it should work for any resolution, whether you have a brand new Apple iPhone or an oldish Motorola). Do let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work for your screen resolution and I’ll make one for you.

It’s my way to welcome September and the first signs of Fall (my favorite season, that I’ve missed for almost 2 years now, due to moving around quite a lot around the globe). I hope you enjoy it! If you do, why not sharing it on your social media?

click here to download!



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    Thanks for sharing it with us! Can’t wait for September to come back (I love fall, too)

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