Free printable: Santa’s Vegan Cookies and Milk

Do you (or your kids) leave out a little snack for Santa and his Reindeer the night before Christmas? I remember I used to leave out a little dish with a few cookies and a glass of milk for Santa when I was a child. The best part of it, was getting up in the morning and finding out that he indeed ate all the cookies, only a few crumbles were left behind! So today I am sharing some fun Christmas Printables for Santa’s Vegan Cookies and Milk, so that every household can carry out this tradition.

Santa's vegan cookies and milk - free printable
Santa’s vegan cookies and milk – free printable

This will be a wonderful midnight snack for Santa, because of course he’s so cheerful and caring, he must be Vegan! And nevermind the big round belly, being Vegan is a compassionate lifestyle, not a diet ;-)

Santa's vegan cookies and milk - free printable

I also think these would make great gifts to give to your neighbors and friends: just bake your favourite Vegan cookies or prepare some almond milk, print these labels and share some love around with a fun and unique gift idea!

Vegan Milk free printableAnd of course here are the FREE Printables for you!  Please remember that I provide these for your personal use only. If you want to repost them or share them, please do credit me ;-)
Thank you!

To download the printables, simply click on the link/image below:

Free printable: Santa’s Vegan Cookies and Milk

click here to download!


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Free printables: Santa's Vegan milk & cookies


ps: the lovely script font I used is White Snowfall

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      Thanks for these free Vegan printables, we used them with my kids for Santa. Love your blog btw

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    Too bad I didn’t see this before Christmas, I’ll make sure to print these next time, my kids will love this. We’re a full Vegan house!

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