Spring moodboard + Spring lover’s kit

Spring moodboard + Spring lover’s kit

Hello my beautiful friends! Spring is the ideal time for fresh starts and embracing new activities and habits, setting new intentions and goals, and dedicating more time to yourself. But it’s also the beginning of festival season, going on adventures, spending more time outdoors and enjoying late sunsets. With time I’ve changed and Spring has become very dear to my heart. Here’s my Spring Moodboard to express how good Spring makes me feel, and a visual bucket list of things I want to do… Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite season, will you? And for all you Spring babes, here’s my Spring Lover’s essential kit to make...

Winter moodboard + winter lover’s kit

Winter moodboard and winter lovers kit

Hello my beautiful friends! Do you love or loathe Winter? I personally love this time of year: the first snow, the gray skies, the early sunsets and the desire to be stay warm and cozy – and if all this makes you think of Hygge, you’re right! I know some of you dream of a perennial summer and palm trees all year long, but trust me, after spending one whole year with only one extremely hot & humid season on a little island lost in the ocean, I can tell you the arrival of Winter is one of my favorite moments of the year. So here’s my Winter moodboard that...