Best tips for keeping your body healthy on the road

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Best tips for keeping your body healthy on the road

Getting sick at home is completely different than catching something while travelling. At home, you have a family member or a friend to help you get through it, you get to call in sick at work and just rest at the comfort of your own home. Travelling is a whole different playing field. Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, the last thing you want is for your body to let you down. If it’s business, you simply can’t afford to miss an important meeting. If it’s pleasure, like taking a break and fleeing off to magical Thailand, you get to miss out on all the sights and renounce a great deal of all the fun things you had listed.

Therefore, no, getting sick on the road is not an option, and with our tips, you are bound to stay sharp, energetic and healthy so you can do what you came to do with no hindrances or obstacles standing in your way.

Best Tips for Keeping Your Body Healthy on the Road

Healthy on the road: take precautions

Healthy on the road: take precautions

This isn’t pleasant to hear, but ‘travelers’ diarrhea (TD) afflicts 20-50% of people travelling from industrialized countries to high-risk developing ones.’ Our gut flora simply reacts to different climate, air and even different food. This is why it is vital to take pre-travel precautions and start taking probiotics at least three days before you hit the road. This will help keep your digestive tract in spick and span shape, and will greatly minimize the risk of your gut flora being compromised. Keep taking your probiotics during the entire course of your stay, and you should be safe. Make sure you’re well hydrated at all times – bottled water only, and all should be well. Also – better safe than sorry – bring all other medication, whether it’s for migraine or anything else with you, as you have no guarantee you will be able to purchase them, particularly not if you’re in a foreign country.

Healthy on the road: don’t renounce wellness

number 2Healthy on the road: don’t renounce wellness

Your quest for wellness shouldn’t be put on hold only because you’re away from your usual routine. There are plenty of chances for you to be on the move and continue to exercise, so your energy levels and your mental and emotional health remain intact as well. For instance, if you find yourself in India, Bali, as well as many other cities and countries in the world, there is always a place you can find to join a yoga class, even if it’s just for a short while. If you know your stuff, you can even do it alone from the comfort of your hotel room. The important thing is to maintain your routine. Exercise gives you an energy boost, flushes all the toxins and keeps you serene and healthy, in terms of mind, body and soul.

Healthy on the road: pamper yourself

number 3Healthy on the road: pamper yourself

The long flight, the change of time zones, different climate – you can already feel the stress and the tension getting to you, reaching your shoulders. Whatever the nature of your trip is, you want to feel well and pleasant in your own skin, so don’t shy away from pampering yourself with a spa day. For instance, you can book an amazing massage in Hong Kong with just a click of the button – thank you Digital Age. Thanks to it, we can now book almost anything by using handy apps, and we don’t even have to know our way around the city in order to get everything we need for a pleasant and healthy stay.

Healthy on the road: meditate

number 4Healthy on the road: meditate

Meditation has dozens upon dozens of scientifically proven benefits on your wellness. It reduces stress, anxiety, elevates the mood and can even do wonders for your physical health. While you can meditate pretty much anywhere (as long as you have the needed peace and quiet), if you’re looking to improve your mental health, which is as important as the physical, you might want to consider visiting meditation sanctuaries that can only be found in such places as India, Mexico, South Africa and even Switzerland, among numerous others. Mental and spiritual health should not be overlooked, so you might want to consider booking a flight to one of these temples just for the sake of meditation.

Healthy on the road: beautiful and nourished

number 5Healthy on the road: beautiful and nourished

A part of wellness is treating your skin right. This is why you should never take chances with your skincare and makeup. All your go-tos must go with you as we all have specific skin needs and throwing that off track can take a toll on our skin. If you’re a vegan, you will bring your vegan travel essentials – which are of course the best as they are cruelty free and natural. The point is, while you can live with the hotel shampoo and conditioner, skincare and makeup are not to be toyed with, so always pack your trusty arsenal. Different climates can be a nightmare on the skin, and just like we don’t want any other issues ruining our trip, we most certainly don’t want bad skin days.

Healthy on the road

Taking care of your body isn’t just about pills, hydration, and antibiotics. Wherever we go, and whatever we do, we must nurture every aspect of our being.
It is only with this all-encompassing wellness approach that we can stay truly healthy, in each and every aspect.


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Healthy on the Road: tips to stay sharp, energetic & fit while traveling

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