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Ethical fashion brands at low prices for back to college or work

Ethical fashion back to college

Are you looking for boho, ethical fashion brands at low prices for back-to-college (or back to work)? If you ever thought of ditching “fast fashion” for more eco-conscious, ethical brands but you thought it would be too expensive, think again. Hello my beautiful friends!Are you one of those people who believe that ethical clothing is something that a) looks like only a drunk hippie would wear (nothing against drunk hippies) or b) only rich people can afford? If you are – good news! – this is no longer the case: ethical fashion brands and nowadays not only have fair trade clothing that looks amazingly stylish but they are also fairly...

The top 5 smells that will make you feel happy

The top 5 smells that will make you feel happy

Have you ever wondered if happiness has a smell? Well here’s a list of the top 5 smells that make you feel happy, according to science. Hello my beautiful friends! Do you know of a smell, a scent, a fragrance that instantly makes you feel relaxed or even euphoric? Perhaps a bit nostalgic of your childhood, but definitely joyful and happier? Today I want to share with you something very interesting: the top 5 smells that, according to science, will make you feel instantly happier. As an Aromatherapy student and as someone who’s always generally looking for good vibes in life, this comes as no surprise to me. I know...