Last minute gift idea: homemade Vegan Irish Cream Baileys + freebie

Last minute gift idea: homemade Vegan Irish Cream Baileys
Last minute gift idea: homemade Vegan Irish Cream Baileys

Still wondering waht to gift for the holidays? I’ve got you covered! :-)
Booze is not something you’ll find anywhere else on this blog, nor in my life. I don’t know exactly why, but somewhere during my life I made the unconscious decision of simply not liking spirits, wine, beer nor any other alcoholic drinks.
Some people think that’s kind of lame, or boring – but I don’t mind. I often joke that my taste buds haven’t evolved much since when I was 12, as it’s pretty much the case (besides the fact that now I like things like garlic which I used to hate during my childhood).

But there is one exception, and that is my homemade Vegan Irish Cream liquor aka Baileys. There’s something about the creamy texture, the coffee flavor that I just can’t resist. Moreover, when I make some, it means the holiday season has officially started. Indeed, as I made some yesterday, I feel so much more festive today :D

Just a few simple ingredients to make your own homemade Vegan Irish Cream Baileys

Years ago, when I first created my own Vegan Baileys recipe for a Christmas dinner we were hosting, my husband published the recipe in French on his website, and I’m so glad he did because year after year around Christmas time I used to go back to his site to check the exact measurements.

So I’ve finally decided to share my recipe with you, in English this time. And I know that Baileys is actually making a Vegan version of his famous Irish cream, thank goodness more and more brands are coming up with Vegan-friendly versions, but if like me you either can’t find it in stores, or simply love to make your own stuff, this recipe for you.

Plus it makes such a charming last minute gift idea! If you have some whiskey at home (I didn’t), chances are you already have all the other ingredients. And to make it extra-special, I’ve created some freebie labels (click here to download) that you can print and use to give as gifts along a mason jar or mini-sized bottle of this luscious creamy goodness.

Vegan Irish cream Baileys

Vegan Irish Cream Baileys

A luscious creamy goodness made with just a few simple ingredients you probably already have at home. Print the free labels for a unique last-minute gift idea!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Holidays, Irish
Servings 1 litres


  • 300 ml coffee
  • 6/8 tbps brown sugar
  • 2 tsps vanilla essence
  • 200 ml Irish whiskey
  • 2 cans full-fat coconut milk


  • First thing, make some good, strong coffee. 300 ml is more or less the equivalent of 3 French "café", not an Italian espresso, not an American coffee.
  • While still warm, add the sugar and mix well in order to dissolve it. Add the vanilla essence.
  • Pour the coffee mixture, the Irish whiskey* and the coconut milk into a blender. Blend on medium for about 1 minute. Volià, this very complicated recipe is done :-)
  • Pour into a glass bottle, chill until ready to serve. Before serving always shake the bottle vigorously as the coconut fats that make it so creamy will harden in the fridge. Enjoy for up to 2 weeks.


*if you're unsure about which whiskey to use in order to keep this recipe 100% Vegan, you might be happy to know that according to most whiskey brands are indeed Vegan-friendly. You can also search for a specific brand on Barnivore (the one I had was not listed though).

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Also, do let me know in the comments which is your favorite holiday drink :)


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  1. Reply

    Wow, that’s a great recipe! I might try this if I have time to buy some Irish whiskey first! ;-)

    1. Reply

      Hi Petra, thank you for your comment :-) I had to add it to my shopping list as Irish whiskey is something we never have at home… but it was worth the shopping trip ;-D

      1. Reply

        Hiya sorry I’m a bit confused about the amount of sugar as it says 3/4 tbs on the front but 6/8 when you click into link …… so is it 3/4 tbs x2? Looking forward to trying this out this week x

  2. Reply

    Oh my god, she made it again! What a surprise! SO good!! <3

    1. Reply

      And we only have 2 weeks to finish it! :D

    2. Reply

      Thank you I’m going to make it today!❤️

  3. Reply

    We love making home made Bailey’s! Will have to try out this recipe next time :)

  4. Reply

    Pinned this ~ Going to love making this! This will also make great gifts for all my vegan friends; going to be a great surprise for many.

  5. Reply

    This so great! I think I’m going to make this for a friend for her birthday, since I already got her Christmas gift this year!

  6. Reply

    I am vegan, so I am glad I found this! I used to have a recipe for Vegan Baileys, but I don’t know what happened to it. I am going to pin this to try it later.

  7. Reply

    Your pictures are gorgeous and this look so delicious.

  8. Reply

    I want to thank you, I made this last year (just enough for us) and this year I will make it as it’s intended, that is as gifts for my friends. They will love it! YAY for Vegan!
    Odell recently posted…Odell04My Profile

  9. Reply

    Does this need the be refrigerated? Thinking of mailing it to family.

  10. Reply

    This sounds delicious!!!

  11. Reply

    Wow this is amazing. I never would have thought to make this. The bottle is so cute this is a great gift. Pinning for future gifting.

    1. Reply

      Hey Danielle, thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment. You just made my day XOXO

  12. Reply

    Im the same way- i drink champagne and bubbly, bailey’s and sometimes something mixed with baileys! I’m not too into it, but I love this vegan idea and the ability to make it at home! I wonder how different it wuld taste without whiskey, too! haha

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