DIY Boho wall hanging ♥ super easy and fast

DIY Boho wall hanging ♥ super easy and fast

Hello beautiful friends! Fall is here, and since it’s my favorite season of all, I thought it’s time to share ideas, DIYs and tips on how to cozy up the decor of our homes in easy, fast and cheap ways. So please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more and if you do I’ll make sure this is going to be the first of many more posts to come on this subject :-) I’m so excited today because we’re going to make my favorite DIY Boho Wall hanging! You know, those lovely folk wall hangings you probably eyed on Pinterest or Instagram which usually come...

20 gifts you can make this holiday season

Inspiteof what brands want us to think , holiday time is not all about buying the most expensive gifts. I like to buy a few special inexpensive gifts, but I also love to make something with my own hands, spending time and putting all my attention and care into what I’m making. If you love to make your own gifts, too, you’re in luck. I’ve gathered 20 wonderful gift ideas from a selected group of talented fellow bloggers. These are gifts you can make until the very last minute, that are easy to make, require just a few ingredients/materials and that are wonderful to have on hand during the holidays...

Last minute gift idea: homemade Vegan Irish Cream Baileys + freebie

Vegan Irish cream Baileys

Booze is not something you’ll find anywhere else on this blog, nor in my life. I don’t know exactly why, but somewhere during my life I made the unconscious decision of simply not liking spirits, wine, beer nor any other alcoholic drinks. Some people think that’s kind of lame, or boring – but those are not my kind of people so I don’t mind. I often joke that my taste buds haven’t evolved much since when I was 12, as it’s pretty much the case (besides the fact that now I like things like garlic which I used to hate during my childhood). But there is one exception, and that...