Tips to switch to Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

Guest post by Cassi Today I have a special guest post by Cassi, the creator of CuratedCassi, sharing with SevenRoses’ readers a very interesting post about Sustainable Fashion. So if you want to find out how to make more eco-friendily fashion choices, please welcome Cassi as she shares her simple tips on how to shop sustainably with us! The environmental movement has been picking up momentum in the past several years. In an effort to help the planet, people are turning to renewable energy, going zero-waste, and eating more eco-friendly diets. But did you know that your clothing could be ruining the environment? The fashion industry accounts for 8% of...

October favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

October favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

October has always just been “the month before my favorite month” but this year things have changed. Since moving to Vosges, Autumn has taken a whole new aspect. It has always been my favorite season, but mostly because of childhood memories of life in the Prealps region. The past couple of years we’ve skipped Autumn altogether, moving from a warm to a deadly warm area. This time around, October has been a blessing, with leaves changing color everyday from green to red to yellow, cold nights, starry skies, a mix of melancholic and poignant beauty. We even had a couple of days with snow! I don’t know what November will...