5 ways to maximize your closet space

Guest post by Zowie

Five ways to maximize your closet space

As winter is upon us and many of us are living in cold climates, a perfect way to spend a rainy or snowy afternoon – if you don’t want to be outside – is to make your “nest” even more pleasant tackling some tasks around the house. Think of those things that you wouldn’t be doing normally if the sun was out and calling your name.
Today I have a special guest that will tell us how to get our closets in tip top shape. Whether you are a minimalist or a shopaholic, I’m sure her tips on how to maximize your closet space will be very useful :)

If you feel discouraged by the little space in your closet and you don’t know where to put your new clothes or accessories, then it is time to take things seriously and do a proper closet cleaning and reorganizing. I promise you that you will be able to enjoy a lot more space in your closet and have easy access to the clothes, accessories or shoes that you are looking for.
There are five easy steps to transform your closet and get rid of the annoying clutter.

Minimalism 101: Five ways to maximize your closet space

1. Keep, donate, throw away

The first step of maximizing the space in your closet is to get rid of all the unnecessary items. Empty your closet and take a good look around. Keep only the items that you are wearing and restrain from putting back clothes or shoes which you will never wear again. I know that it is hard to say goodbye to the dress that almost fits you or the clothes which won’t be fashionable again any time soon but there is really no point in keeping them.

Divide your clothing items in three groups. The first type of items would be the clothes, accessories and shoes that you will keep. Only the things which you are wearing all the time belong to this category. The second group of items should be the ones you have decided to donate or even sell. If you believe that something is in a good condition but it doesn’t fit your style anymore, you can donate it or sell it to someone else. The third category should be the clothing items which you have decided to throw away. If something doesn’t belong neither to the ‘keep’ pile, nor to the ‘donate’ group, then it is time to throw it away.

Five ways to maximize your closet space

2. Do a proper cleaning

Now that your closet is all empty, this is the perfect time for a thorough cleaning. Grab your cleaner and a clean cloth and wipe all the hangers, shelves and doors. Make sure that you are not missing the high spots and those which are usually hard to be reached. Get rid of all the dust bunnies and spider webs and your closet will look as good as new and ready to be reorganized.

3. Use all of the free space that you have

Even the floor of your closet can be utilized to the fullest if you stack your clothing items the right way. If you put your longer-hanging clothing items at the one end of the closet and the shorter ones at the other, you will have enough space at the bottom of your closet where you can put an extra shelf or place some of your shoes. This trick will allow you to use every single part of your closet to the fullest.

Five ways to maximize your closet space

4. Create even more space

If you mount a kitchen paper towel holder on one of the doors or a narrow wall, you can hang your scarfs or belts on it. This will help you minimize the clutter in your closet and at the same time it will create more space for your accessories.

5. Pay attention to your hangers

Choose thinner and matching hangers for your clothes. Massive hangers only take up more space and those with weird shapes make the hanging of clothes harder. By using thinner hangers with similar style it will make your closet look a lot more organized and spacious.

If you follow these five steps, I can guarantee you that your closet will look a lot better and you will enjoy a lot more space for storing your favourite clothes, accessories and shoes. Storing as much clothing items as you can is a point of strategic closet organizing, rather than owning a huge closet.

This post was written by Zowie Ashton.

Thank you Zowie!
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Five ways to maximize your closet space

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    These are some great tips! I love it:)
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    Precisely! That is a perfect summation from someone who knows 🙂 Thanks!

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    I don`t know how I manage to gather so many clothes in my closets. I sometimes feel like they`re just gonna attack me one day :)) I think I`ll start with no 1: keep/donate/throw away!

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