Cruelty-free & Vegan Christmas gift guide

A curated selection of my Cruelty-free & Vegan Christmas gift guide for your loved ones: all Vegan, cruelty-free for really meaningful gifts this year! Hello my beautiful friends! Are you one of those people that love Christmas or just cannot stand it? I have a love-hate relationship with it, let me explain. I love that “Christmas is coming” feeling: baking Christmas cookies, decking the halls, creating a special candle-lit atmosphere, I love wrapping little gifts, I love the memories of simpler times when the whole family would gather around the Christmas tree at midnight to open carefully-wrapped presents – but I just can’t stand the turn that the holidays took...

Minimalist summer hair care routine – Vegan & cruelty-free

Minimalist summer hair care routine

Whether you’ll be spending your summer on a tropical island, by the pool in the backyard or, alas, working as usual in the city, chances are your hair will need some extra TLC during the warmer months. Hello my beautiful friends! When I think of “Summer hair”, I imagine wild, healthy, natural hair that flows in the seaside breeze. By the way, did you know that the Vitamin D naturally contained in sunlight makes your hair grow faster? When summer comes around, I try to minimize my hair care routine using only natural products that are not only effective but also Vegan and cruelty-free in order to get get the...

May favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

May 2016 favorites: Vegan beauty & lifestyle

Hello beautiful rose buds! I hope you’ve been having an amazing day. We’ve just wrapped up May so I decided to post some of my May Favorites, from beauty to books to TV stuff & more… Without further rambling, let’s get started on some May Favorites ^.^ I’m loving… During May I’ve made my second order on the lovely website Natural Forme, to get some more original Savon d’Alep for my husband (it’s the only product he wants in the shower lately) and since I was already on the site, I got some of the products that turned out to be my faves for the month of May, namely: the...

5 ways to welcome Spring

5 ways to welcome Spring

Find 5 ways to welcome spring and not simply see it as another day on the calendar: smoothies, sunshine, detox, and natural beauty tips Hello my beautiful friends, how did you celebrate the arrival of Spring? We spent the night over in a cabin in the mountains, and woke up at 6am with the sound of birds chanting to the day. We witnessed an amazing sunset (photos coming soon on Photo.feub.net) and then sat quietly while the sun came up, feeling at peace. For years I’ve only really appreciated and celebrated the arrival of Autumn, but now I think the best way to step into Springtime is to actually acknowledge...

January favorites: winter survival edition

January favorites

So, January’s over. Wait, what? Weren’t we all in the xmas mood just a couple of weeks ago? Apparently not and I’d better get started on all those new year’s resolutions (like this one for example) or it will be waaaay too late. Anyway, how’s the weather where you live? I’m finally having a winter like those I’ve always wanted with freezing days and snowfalls. If you want to see what a typical day having fun outdoors looks like here, head on over to this photo my husband: Lispach Lupus. So this past month’s favorites are all about surviving the cold frigid temperatures with nonchalance. First up, Salcura bio skincare...