The power of Hydrosols for your beauty and skincare routine

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how to use rose water in your skincare routine

Hydrosols, also known as floral waters, are the byproducts of the distillation process to make essential oils from plants. Because of this, the fragrances of hydrosols are much less intense than those of essential oils and some users also claim that they have a “greener” fragrance.
Furthermore, hydrosols have many of the benefits and chemical compounds of their source plants though not at the high concentration of essential oils, making them much more suitable for direct skin contact without dilution. One popular hydrosol that you may actually be familiar with is rosewater, which is created from the distillation of rose petals.

There are a long list of ways that hydrosols can be positive additions to your beauty kit and listed below are just a few:


Toners are used to remove oil, dirt and other impurities from skin. Now, you may ask, “isn’t that what a cleanser does?” The answer is yes, but with caveat.
Cleansers are limited in the amount of dirt they can remove from the skin, and they don’t clean as deeply as a toner. Furthermore, some cleansers leave residue on the skin which is essentially a hamster wheel of skincare problems.
Witch hazel hydrosol is a well known toner, especially among individuals with acne prone skin. Its cooling and soothing properties help to ease inflammation, and it gently closes up the pores. It is also incredibly effective at whisking away impurities from the skin to reveal a smooth and glowing complexion.

You can make your witch hazel an even more effective toner by including some lemon and aloe vera juice with it as well.

Face Mask Wetting Agent

If you regularly make and use face masks to improve the appearance of your skin, you should strongly consider replacing the water in your mixture with a hydrosol. There are a long list of hydrosols that you can use, depending on your skincare goals, to supercharge your face masks so you get even better results.

Razor Burn

You can use an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic hydrosol such as lavender or witch hazel after shaving to or prevent razor burn.
Simply put a generous amount of the liquid in your hands and apply them to the area after shaving.

Setting Spray

Rose hydrosol is a popular alternative to makeup setting sprays, used by many professionals in the beauty industry. You can spritz a bit of rose water on your face after applying your makeup to help it hold better, and look fresher for longer.

Fact: many setting sprays on the market actually have rose water included in them.

Hydrosols for your beauty and skincare routine


Common Hydrosols and Their Benefits


Humans have known the benefits of rose water for millennia. It is a soothing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating hydrosol, suitable for all skin types. Even more powerful than hydrosols made from rose petals are those made from rose hips. Rose hip floral waters can help address sun damage, redness, scars, stretch marks and a plethora of other skin problems.


Famous as a tea, chamomile is also a superb hydrosol. It soothes and tones sensitive skin and relieves rashes and eczema.


Jasmine hydrosols are good for treating dry, hot, sensitive and inflamed skin.


Thyme is best used as a hydrosol, for thyme essential oil tends to be too powerful for people with sensitive or damaged skin. Thyme hydrosols tone the skin, treat acne and have antiseptic properties.

Click here for a full list of hydrosols and their benefits for the skin.

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Hydrosols for your beauty and skincare routine

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    Hi, Nice and useful article. I have read that hydrosol made from Indian Basil plant (Tulsi) is wonderful in sooting nerves . Any information regarding this please ?

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    I’ve recently started adding a little jasmine to my green tea. It really adds to the overall flavor and takes away a little of the green tea bitterness

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    I never knew using Thyme, could be so beneficial for the skin. I will definitely utilize this herb in my skin care routine.

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    I use the Evan Healy hydrosols and love them. Didn’t realize they could be useful in preventing razor burn! Thanks for the info!

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    I love hydrosols and its one of the major things that I have with my skin care routine. Its refreshing to the skin and it has really good effects because its natural and has no chemicals.

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    Did I get it right? Hydrosol is the plant/flower water by-product that remains from the production of an essential oil during the steam distillation process? If so, is it safe to use directly on skin?

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    I love how hydrosols can be used in an endless number of ways. WIll have to remember to include more of them in my skincare!

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    Wow!!! Amazing post, loved all the natural tips. Plants are the future ♥

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    I’ve recently started adding a little plant-derived products in my beauty regime, and I will make use of these tips in my skin care routine. Wonderful contents as always, both from you Francesca and your guest bloggers :)

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    Never heard about them, but as I’m getting more and more interested in the power of plants for health and beauty, I will look into hydrosols for skincare. I have dry skin, do you recommend them?

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    Amazing post, thanks for all the tips! I’m just starting my path in natural beauty and yours was the first blog I thought of checking out ♥

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    Worthy blog thanks for sharing the informative and tips for skin care

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    Really amazing and helpful article. Thanks for sharing this useful article ♥
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    I have been using essential oils for at least 10 years. I actually have lavender diffusing right now. I would guess most people buy essential oils for their smell. When you actually look at the information on their benefits, it is amazing. Thanks

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    Really Amazing post Trysh! I am super excited to try these hydrosols but I’m worried as I have combinational skin and I usually got several breakouts whenever I use essential oil. Please suggest the best option or alternative for my skin type.

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    I loved it, such an informative article and great tips in organic way

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    I have been using essential oils for at least 10 years. I actually have lavender diffusing right now.

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    Hello Trysh, you have well narrated the beauty of hydrosols and its benefits over skin care. Thanks for your input, since hydrosols serve as dehydration over the skin. I loved it

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    Hello Trysh amazing and helpful article. Thanks

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    i read your article but the problem is that my skin is too much oily i use many things a lot at my face and i do not get a positive result my problem is that to remove dark circle and dark spot how to i get rid of this?
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    My favourite Hydrosol would have to be Rosemary.. I use it morning and night to keep acne away and on my son’s skin whenever he gets heat rash.

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