Top 10 Vegan & Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for ways to clean up your beauty routine and your lifestyle with eco-friendly, cruelty-free products, these are the Top 10 Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes you might want to check out ♥

Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes

Hello my beautiful friends. If you’re looking for ways to clean up your beauty routine and add more cruelty-free products in your daily life, you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that most of the popular subscription boxes still contain products tested on animals? Even if it’s 2020, green beauty is on the rise and there’s plenty of alternative methods – not to mention animal testing of beauty/skincare products is being banned in more and more countries as we speak.
And if this doesn’t bother you, know that the average woman uses 168 chemicals in her personal care every day and up to 70% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our body.

Luckily, there’s lots of Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes which are an amazing opportunity to discover new brands/products if you are new to the cruelty-free/Vegan lifestyle. Not only do they feature ethically made beauty and lifestyle products but most of these subscription boxes also donate a portion of their proceeds to worthy charities.

Whether you’re a subscription box addict or are simply looking to replace your current non-cruelty free products, there’s options for every budget: here are my Top 10 Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes that make it easy to discover the best natural & cruelty-free products.

Cruelty-Free Beauty Box
 Petit Vour Monthly $18/mo – Yearly $180 ($15/box)

The cruelty-free box par excellance loved by Vegans, beauty gurus and beauty magazines’ editors alike, Petit Vour’s luxury-curated, cruelty-free beauty box helps you create or elevate your beauty routine. Each month you’ll receive a mix of 4 products ($45-$60 value) of non-toxic and plant-based makeup, hair care, body & skincare curated to match your beauty profile, for as low as $15/box.
Also, when you review your beauty box items, you earn up to 400 PV Points ($4) each month + FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $50+



number 2 LOVE GOODLY – $34.95 / 2 months with Free U.S. Shipping

Every other month receive 4-6 full-size products including beauty and skincare, a style or home accessory, plus an occasional healthy snack and wellness item. The brands they carry are always cruelty-free, nontoxic and vegan, and share values like organic, non-gmo, and eco-friendly. The boxes offer great value – each Essential box always has a $80+ retail value and each VIP box a $110+ retail value. Also, you can shop for individual products on their online store.
They also have a list of banned ingredients which you will not find in any of the products that they sell as they are working hard to clean up the beauty industry from all the harmful chemicals.
Also, each box always supports a cause including Farm Sanctuary, Cure Cervical Cancer, Beagle Freedom Project, and Paw Works.

number 3VeganlyBox – from $24.99 / Free shipping for U.S. orders

VeganlyBox™ is a brand new Vegan subscription box service serving the domestic and international market of vegans! VeganlyBox™ currently only sells snack boxes with hopes to sell beauty, health, and fitness boxes in the future.
So glad to see new Vegan subscription boxes popping up, and I think they need all our support.
I also love that they ship internationally!

Cruelty Free Subscription Boxes: Nourish Breauty Box

number 4 Nourish Beauty Box – $29.95 / month – FREE US Shipping

This beautifully curated, ingredient-conscious subscription box for beauty enthusiastsincludes 4 to 5 “Earth Activated”, healthy, cruelty-free, organic beauty products. All the items are Gluten-Free and Vegan.
The aim is to help you achieve luminous, glowing and healthy skin.

Cruelty Free Subscription Boxes: The Detox Box

number 5 The Detox Box – $55 / month

The marvelous Detox Box has a different concept than the other ones: it’s a monthly box curated by The Detox Market and it features one brand each month to get a complete routine of cohesive products and clean, organic, natural ingredients. Each month you’ll receive products that are universal and exceptional—you know, the “holy grails”. Products that will have people complimenting your skin, and asking what you’re doing.
Each box contains at least $90 of green beauty (usually much more) and you earn “Detox points” for each purchase, towards discounts and coupons.
Special bonus: right now, get 10% off everything with coupon code “TREAT”.

Simple Loose Leaf tea box

number-6 Simple Loose Leaf Box – $9+ / month

With the Simple Loose Leaf Box each month you’ll get a box filled with teas ranging from classically savory to enjoyably trendy: four hand packaged loose leaf teas, 40g of tea in resealable pouches
(Sampler, Herbal, Green Tea, or Black Tea) and reusable organic linen tea filters. All teas are packaged and shipped in partnership with a local developmental workplace that provides employment and life skills training for members of our community with developmental disabilities. I love boxes that give back ♥

number-7UrthBox – starting at $14.99
Focusing on Non-GMO, Organic and All Natural, every month  you get up to 30 Full-Size Products (up to $100 value!) from trustworthy brands perfect for your home, personal life or the office – that must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing standards.
Get a BONUS BOX FREE with any multi-month order! + get $10 OFF + FREE BOX – HOLIDAY SNACK BOX PROMO with code: HOLIDAYPROMO


Cruelty Free Subscription Boxes: Ecocentric Mom Box

number-8 Ecocentric Mom Box – $32.99 / month

This fun and useful box for eco-conscious moms contains a mix of organic, natural and eco-lifestyle products including beauty, bath, pregnancy, baby, home and snack – all thoughtfully chosen for moms and their babies based on the due date or child’s birth date up through age 4.
Every item in the box is free from chemicals and toxins, made by the very best small brands.
Each box is guaranteed to contain 4-5 products and a minimum of $45 in retail value.
Special bonus: click here to get $5 off your order for the Ecocentric Mom Subscription with coupon code WELCOME5


number-9greenUP Box – $39.95
Artfully crafted, intentionally curated sustainable goods to empower and inspire you to say #byeplastic. Delivered 6x per year. greenUP is intentionally designed around 6 boxes and 6 majors areas of your life. You’ll discover the best products to replace disposable plastic and start living plastic-free now. In just one year you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished, and at a fraction of the price.

Simply Earth Essential Oil recipe box unboxing + Promo Code!

number-10 Simply Earth Essential Oil recipe box – 39$ / month and free shipping

Each month receive a box filled with essential oils and all the tools and information you need to implement them in your daily life with beauty, health and home DIY projects. This box allows you to replace countless items in your medicine cabinet, cleaning products, and synthetic fragrances, for a toxic-free home. You can check my unboxing post here.
13% of their profits go to help fight human trafficking with “Fighting Human Trafficking”.
Special bonus: if you click here and sign up using my code SEVENROSESFREE you will receive a huuuge Big Bonus Box (valued at around 50$), an Essential Oil Recipe box, and a $20 e-gift card towards future purchases.

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I hope you guys enjoyed my Top 10 Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes post and that it has inspired you to check out non-toxic, cruelty-free beauty, makeup and lifestyle alternatives.
Also don’t forget to pin this post to share the love ♥
I wish you a love-filled day xoxo

Top 10 Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes

Disclaimer: I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some of the above mentioned products for free to try, but opinions and the choice to review are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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