Vegan skincare tips for the Spring allergy season

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Vegan skincare tips for the Spring allergy season

If you have sensitive skin year-round, you’re not alone. Many people face the challenge of staying properly moisturized during harsh winters, but one of the most difficult times of year for skin care is spring. Allergies abound during this season. The flowers may be pretty to look at, but they can bring untold discomfort. The following organic skin care tips will better prepare you for the upcoming spring allergy season.

Go Organic

If you aren’t already using organic skin care products, now is a good time to start. Chemicals and fragrances aren’t necessary and can even irritate your skin. Going natural isn’t as hard as it used to be with hundreds of great products on the market today.

number 2You can never moisturize enough

Various allergy triggers exist today that can make skin care difficult during any time of the year. However, regardless of the allergen, one universal way to fight dry skin and eczema (both of which are common allergy symptoms) is to moisturize…a lot. Although you likely already know this to be true, if you’re not taking it seriously, it’s time to do so. Develop a hydration routine and moisturize regularly and often.

Vegan skincare tips for the Spring allergy season: moisturize

number 3Dry, itchy skin

Not to be confused with red, irritated skin (see below), itchy skin is often associated with allergies. Your body produces dry, flaky skin in an attempt to remove irritants such as pollen. One method for reducing this spring discomfort is to use a hydrating cleanser to gently purify your skin without further irritating it.

number 4Red, irritated skin

Many people suffer from stuffy, runny noses during the spring. As a result, it doesn’t take much for redness and irritation to develop under the nose. Using facial tissues that contain aloe and natural barrier creams with anti-inflammation ingredients such as calendula and chamomile will help.

Vegan skincare tips for the Spring allergy season: eczema

number 5Eczema outbreaks

If you suffer from eczema, you probably don’t look forward to spring every year. Seasonal allergies often trigger eczema flare-ups in the form of dry, red patches of skin on the face, neck, and arms. A rich, organic moisturizer is one solution, but talking with your doctor may also help.

number-6Puffy eyes

We’ve all experienced puffy, swollen eyelids at some point, not to mention the sensitive skin under our eyes. This is typically due to allergic reactions to pollen or another allergen. The best way to alleviate your puffy eyes is to use an organic eye cream that contains caffeine and green tea. This will ease puffiness as well as reduce dark circles. Cucumbers are another classic trick that helps, and you can also try moistened (chilled is best) chamomile tea bags to reduce inflammation.

While allergies can be a major irritant when it comes to your skin, you may also face other challenges (such as hives or a constantly runny nose) as a result of spring’s appearance. As the season progresses, listen to your body and pay close attention to how your skin reacts. Choose natural, soothing products, so you can both feel and look better.

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Vegan skincare tips for the Spring allergy season

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