8 Wavy hair hacks, tips and tricks for good hair days

Wavy hair is a unique type which bends, coils and turns forming ‘S’ shaped patterns. These curves and twists make the hair fragile and flimsy. The curls also make it harder for natural oils produced by the scalp to flow through the hair strands which makes the hair drier than the straight type. As a result, some women find their wavy hair unattractive only because they do not know the right ways to take care of their locks.

Wavy hair hacks tips and tricks

Ladies with naturally wavy hair require extra time and special tactics to keep their natural hair looking good. If you, too, are one of these lucky wavy-haired women, it is time you start appreciating the uniqueness and beauty of it.

Wavy hair can work with a variety of looks and styles ranging from carefree, classy to professional giving you a range of options to change your appearance without hassles. However, it can be very frustrating and difficult to manage or groom since it falls in between the curly and straight type. Learning a few washing, styling and maintenance wavy hair hacks can make your life easier and keep you looking lively and attractive.
Here are some tricks to give your natural hair live and a fresh looks.

Wavy hair hacks

  • ❥ Use the right Products – Use shampoo that is made for wavy hair and for your texture to define the waves and add a little of a bounce to your natural hair. Use only a small amount of shampoo and focus more on the scalp and avoid shampooing too often. Depending on how dry or oily your hair is, shampooing once or twice a week is enough to cleanse the hair while leaving the natural waves in place. Look for alcohol and sulphate-free products to reduce frizz and if your hair is too dry, you can shelf the shampoo and go for co-washing.

Choosing the right conditioner for your hair type is also very important. Apply conditioner every time you cleanse your hair from the mid-way to the end of the strands. Organic conditioners made for wavy to curly hair can work great on your wavy hair.

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  • ❥ Rinse your hair in cold-water – While bathing in hot water feels so good, it has no business on your wavy locks. You may use warm water for shampoos and conditioners to work effectively but always finish up with a cold-water rinse. This is important to close the hair cuticles to hold the moisture from the conditioner. If cold water is a problem, a cup of apple cider vinegar in about 1 litre of water can be as effective as it removes both dandruff and product build-up from the scalp.
  • Bed-time preparation – Gently dry your hair by squeezing it on a soft microfiber towel or a cotton T-shirt after cleaning. Apply your styling product and put your hair up in twisted buns to maintain soft and well-defined waves.
  • ❥ Avoid the hairdryer – If possible, it is better to leave the hair to dry naturally as the dryer heat can damage the hair and ruin the wave patterns. If it is necessary to use the dryer, always use a heat protector, switch the dryer to a low-heat mode and use a diffuser.

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  • ❥ Use the right comb – Choosing the wrong comb is a direct route to unwanted hair breakage especially when used frequently. Open up your fingers and move through the hair to detangle hair strands and then proceed with a wide-toothed comb to remove knots. The right way to comb your wavy hair is to start from the ends moving towards the roots. Avoid brushing your hair and ensure the hair is dump when combing to avoid breakages and maintain the pattern of the waves.
  • ❥ Keep off heat styling – Minimize use of curling iron or straightening tools as heat will damage your natural hair and increase frizz. Allowing the hair to dry on its own is much healthier and enhances the natural waves. A scrunch product is a better styling option of heat styling but if you must use heat-styling tools make your heat-protectant products your friend. Refine the styling with lightweight oil in small amounts to keep the hair strands shiny and keep them moisturized.

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  • ❥ Nourish your hair – Always use hair care products with nutrients that boost hair health and growth. Deep conditioning and natural hair masks are useful to protect your hair from harmful sunrays and giving it an exceptional glow.
  • ❥ Trim Regularly – One of the most effective ways to give your wavy hair a great look is by trimming any split heads on a regular basis. Routine trimming not only makes your hair look good but also help it to grow healthier and longer. Make sure you use quality professional trimmers for the best results. For more about wavy hair hacks click here.


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Wavy hair hacks

Wavy hair hacks

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