10 Fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats

Hello my beautiful friends! Who else has already started a countdown till Halloween? =)
Whether you’re throwing a Halloween Party or you just want some tasty Vegan Halloween treats to offer to trick-or-treaters, these Halloween Vegan recipes for kids are super delicious and surprisingly simple to make!

Vegan Halloween treats

I am well aware that there are some people out there still thinking that a Vegan treat would consist solely of raw veggies, slices of apples (nothing wrong with that) if not pieces of cardboard (yes that joke is still going on…) so for whatever reason you or your kids are choosing Vegan treats – health? ethics? environment? all of the above? – I hope to show you all the fun and easy yummy foods you can create this year.

read: Why Vegan?

You have well over a month to gather all the ingredients to make these simple but oh-so-spooky Halloween Vegan treats – they are super fun and easy to make, because who has time for complicated during such a busy period of the year? These easy Halloween treats for kids are perfect for parties or just for sharing at home. Bonus points: all of them are Vegan, cruelty-free, lactose-free, egg-free, some raw and gluten-free.  From chocolate covered pretzels to yummy biscuits, truffles and cupcakes, I’ve got you covered!

Fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats

In order to compile this roundup I’ve gathered the best recipes out there by a few fellow Vegan bloggers. Copyright of the images used belong to their owners and are linked with each recipe: I invite you to visit their sites, leave a comment and give these recipes a try. Be sure to scroll all the way to the end so you don’t miss any of the great ideas. And don’t forget to pin your favorites as you go!

Are you ready to start handing out these devilishly delicious treats? So let’s get the Halloween party started! =)

Vegan Halloween Pumpkin Spice Truffles

1.  Vegan Halloween Pumpkin Spice Truffles by Nick at Serving Realness

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Screams

2. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Screams by Cara at Fork and Beans

Vegan Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

3. Vegan Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes by Linda at Veganosity

Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars

4. Spooky Ghost Vegan Bounty Bars by Andrea at The Petite Cook

 Pumpkin Halloween Ghost Cookies

5. Pumpkin Halloween Ghost Cookies by Annie at VegAnnie

Vampire Bite Cupcakes {dairy free}

6. Vampire Bite Cupcakes {dairy free} by Mary Ellen at VNutriton

Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites

7. Vegan Meringue Ghosts Blondie Bites by Marly at Namely Marly

Bloody Cups for Halloween (Vegan & Gluten-Free)

8. Bloody Cups for Halloween (Gluten-Free) by Bianca at ElephantasticVegan

Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits

9. Purple Sweet Potato Spice Monster Biscuits by Kathy at Healthy Slow Cooking

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

10. Halloween Owl Cupcakes by Sina at Vegan Heaven

….And there you go, now you have the Top 10 Fun & Easy Vegan Halloween treats. Which one would you like you make? Let me know in the comments! :-)
Once again, thank you to all the amazing bloggers out there that made this list possible.

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Fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats

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    This is such a fun Halloween dessert roundup! Thank you so much for including our mummy cupcakes. Sharing everywhere!

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      Thanks Linda ♥ Those cupcakes are positively amazing :D

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    These look so yummy! My doc has me doing this low-carb thing, and being a vegetarian, I’ve been having to eat lots of cheese and eggs. I’m a former vegan. When I’m done with this low-carb nonsense, I’m pretty sure I’m going to go back to being vegan. I HATE the lacto/ovo “side effects” (hormonal acne, etc) … so, I am definitely bookmarking this post. Thank you!

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    So many awesome options!! So glad I found this post.


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    All of these recipes look like fun Halloween treats. I like that they are all vegan too. The Halloween owl cupcakes are my favorite. Will definitely have to try that recipe at home.

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    These are extremely yummy healthy choices. I would to try them.

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    Halloween is my all time favorite! Thanks for sharing this!!!!

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    So gorgeous! AND vegan! thanks – I just bookmarked it:D

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    Love how fun and festive these recipes are! Thanks for making Halloween more of a guilt-free holiday :)

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    These are all so adorable and a wonderful alternative to serve at Halloween parties for guests who are vegan.

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    Im not vegan but these look yummy!

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    Thanks so much for this! I have to make some vegan dessert for a friend’s dinner and really didn’t know where to look…now I can’t decide between the bloody cups, the halloween owl cupcakes and the vampire bite cupcakes, they all look great!

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    these are all great & adorable ideas!

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    I am vegan and I really love these snacks. Thanks for this list of recipes.

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