Vegan Fall recipes: healthy and delicious seasonal dishes

Find many seasonal recipes inspired by the flavors of fall, such as pumpkins, mushrooms, beets, celeriac, cabbages and so on, for healthy and delicious Vegan Fall Recipes ideas.

Vegan Fall Recipes

Hello my beautiful friends! I do not know about you, but I LOVE autumn (yeah you might already know that if you read this blog and/or follow me on Instagram – you totally should by the way ;D ). Possibly because I was born in Fall and feel a deep connection to this season, or because I don’t enjoy the heat (says the girl that once moved to a beautiful Tropical Island, go figure), or because I like the comforting layers of sweater weather, the falling leaves… the list goes on.

Whatever the reason, when the end of September comes around, I feel in my element.
Nature is tinged with warm and bright tones of orange, brown and maroons, and the table gets dressed with the flavors of the forest: tasty and full, perfect to get ready for the first cold days.
As I’m in the process of developing lots of new recipes, in the meantime I wanted to celebrate the arrival of autumn by collecting all the seasonal recipes published on so far, so that you can hopefully get inspired to make the best of this beautiful season even when it comes to which foods to put on your table.

Vegan Fall Recipes: Warming Entrees and Main dishes

Fall Vegetable Pot Pies
Fall Vegetable Pot Pies – a rustic holiday dish These delicious home-style Fall Vegetable Pot Pies are stuffed with a rainbow of creamy fall veggies, including root vegetables, pumpkin and squash, and covered by a puff-pastry crust. What a satisfying, comforting meal!

Hungarian red lentil soup

Hungarian red lentil soup: This dairy-free Hungarian red lentil soup from The Vegan 8 cookbook has minimal ingredients but lots of deep flavors: it gets a hit of protein from hearty red lentils, while the Hungarian paprika, dry mustard, and tomato paste give an extra boost of flavor to every spoonful.
And best of all, it’s quick and easy to prepare.

Holiday Vegan roast - cheap, succulent and festive!

Vegan Holiday roast – cheap, succulent and festive: made with one cheap, humble celeriac root, this will be perfect for your Thanksgiving, Christmas or even New Year’s Eve table.
A succulent Vegan Holiday Roast that will please Vegan and meat-lovers just the same, and that really embodies the traditional meals. I know, nothing says “Holiday table” like a roasted, consistent dish that you can slice up and serve with your favorite gravy surrounded by yummy potatoes and vegetables.

Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes

20 amazing Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes for busy week nights: 25 of the best Vegan Slow-Cooker recipes so you can enjoy a warming, home-cooked dinner every night

Colcannon-inspired Vegan Potato soup

Colcannon-inspired Vegan Potato soup: A hearty Colcannon-inspired Vegan Potato Soup with loads of potatoes, leeks, onions, fresh spinach, cannellini beans and soy cream

Split Pea and Spinach creamy soup

Split Pea and Spinach creamy soup (with benefits): This easy, hearty, creamy Split Pea and Spinach soup is rich in filling and vibrant veggies. The addition of an unusual ingredient makes this a “superfood” soup

Mushroom Chickpea Minestrone

Mushrooms & Chickpeas Minestrone: Made with just a few simple ingredients, a warm bowl of this hearty minestrone filled with chickpeas, mushrooms, potatoes and herbs, is the perfect solution to a cozy night in.

Italian Bean Soup - Vegan

Italian Bean Soup: an easy, hearty, filling, protein-packed and flavor-filled soup which requires only a few ingredients, and that can become a stew by simply altering the amount of water

Vegan Fall Recipes: Halloween & Thanksgiving

Fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats

Fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats: the top 10 fun & easy Vegan Halloween treats’ recipes for kids that are super delicious, surprisingly simple to make and oh-so-spooky! Cruelty-free, lactose-free, egg-free, some raw and gluten-free.

Vegan Harry Potter recipes

Vegan Harry Potter’s Halloween feast at Hogwarts: a fun post to learn how to recreate a magical Vegan New Year’s Eve banquet or Halloween feast at Hogwarts with Vegan Harry Potter’s favorite foods!

50+ Epic Vegan Thanksgiving recipes

50+ Epic Vegan Thanksgiving recipes: I’ve gathered the BEST of the best Vegan Thanksgiving recipes in order to give you, my friends, 50+ Epic Vegan Thanksgiving recipes

Top Vegan Thanksgiving recipes

Top Vegan Thanksgiving recipes roundup: The Top Vegan Thanksgiving recipes to prove you how amazing it is to celebrate Thanksgiving in a cruelty-free, compassionate way, still eating loads of delicious foods

I hope you have lots of ideas for Vegan Fall Recipes by now. What do you like to cook when the colder months arrive? Let me know in the comments :-) also don’t forget to pin this post to share the love ♥

I wish you a love-filled day xoxo

Vegan Fall recipes: healthy and delicious seasonal dishes

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