Vegan Fall recipes: healthy and delicious seasonal dishes

Vegan Fall Recipes

Find many seasonal recipes inspired by the flavors of fall, such as pumpkins, mushrooms, beets, celeriac, cabbages and so on, for healthy and delicious Vegan Fall Recipes ideas. Hello my beautiful friends! I do not know about you, but I LOVE autumn (yeah you might already know that if you read this blog and/or follow me on Instagram – you totally should by the way ;D ). Possibly because I was born in Fall and feel a deep connection to this season, or because I don’t enjoy the heat (says the girl that once moved to a beautiful Tropical Island, go figure), or because I like the comforting layers of...

50 Epic Vegan Back to School recipes

50 Epic Vegan Back to School recipes

Hey everyone, with today’s post I want to show you that there’s tons of different Vegan recipes for back to school (or back to work!) that are easy, yummy, filling and occasionally healthy – providing you with all the proteins, vitamins and nutrients you need throughout the day. You can bring them to school or at work with you in a cute bento box and you don’t even need to heat them up in a microwave or any of that. But before I plunge into the incredible amount of yumminess that this post is about, I just want to stop and ask all of you: who else is super excited...