5 amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

We’ve just resurfaced from a short but noticeable internet downtime due to moving (yes, once again! We’re becoming pros). As we walked around our new home among unpacked boxes and well, the usual mayhem that follows a move, one of the first few things that we took out of its box and placed carefully was our beloved Himalayan Salt Lamp.
Not the most useful thing in a new, empty house you might think?
Well, you could be wrong, and this is the perfect opportunity to tell you why, and how a Salt Light can improve your life & home, too.

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5 amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

What are Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are not simply decorative objects that emit an elegant and soft light: they are made of a mineral-rich natural salt that has naturally formed over millions of years due to the progressive rise of the Himalayan mountain range and the retreat of sea waters.

These lamps are formed by salt crystals emitting negative ions into the air of a room, which helps to purify it. Negative ions are to be found in nature, in places like the beach, the mountains and in forests. This is the reason why these lamps have an ionizing effect that gives a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

What are the benefits of Salt Lamps

Salt lamps can make the air we breathe in the rooms of our home healthier by protecting us from the electromagnetic fields generated by computers and other electrical devices – for this reason it is especially advisable to have one in the office and on your desk at home.
They can also be strategically placed near a television, in smokers’ rooms, or rooms devoted to relaxation, sleep, perhaps yoga – in order for the lamp to illuminate with its characteristic warm/amber light, create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere and make the room healthier at the same time.

Furthermore, the use of a salt lamp promotes concentration and attention, improves productivity and stimulates the immune system: the shade of the light emitted by the salt lamps has beneficial effects as the orange color is relaxing, according to color therapy, stimulating creativity and the joy of living.
The salt lamps make the energy of the environment more stable, harmonious and lighter.

How to use Salt Lamps

For best results it is advisable to leave the salt lamp on at least 6 continuous hours every day. After a few hours you will notice that water collects at the base. This is quite normal as the salt dehumidifies the air: all you have to pay attention to, is to place the lamp over a little dish ir order nor to ruin your furniture/floor.

5 amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

To sum-up the main benefits of salt lamps:

They reduce the humidity of the environment

number 2They purify the air within the room and charge it with positive energies

number 3They emit negative ions in the air and create a relaxing atmosphere

number 4They favor concentration and productivity by stimulating creativity and the joy of living

number 5They help protect us from electromagnetic pollution

The Himalayan Salt Lamps we have at home comes from SoWell (affiliate link) because their lamps are ethically sourced, fair trade handmade by artisans in Pakistan (the only source of true pink Himalayan salt). Also, they have a generous 23% site-wide discount until 06/30 for SevenRoses.net readers. Just click here to enjoy your discount.

Learn why it’s important to buy Fair Trade

Do you have a salt lamp at home? Do you enjoy using it? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below so we can talk about it some more together

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5 amazing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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  1. Reply

    I love this! I love how you explained the ions thing because that gets confusing to me (: my original salt lamp of like 7 years just broke (the fusing somehow stopped working?), so I had to buy another right away. I even love the relaxing glow they cast in the room.. instant relaxation (: love this post!

    1. Reply

      Hello Allie, thank you so much for stopping by! The negative ions are such powerful little things :) I love the glow of salt lamps too, I first got interested in them years ago just for the soothing light… and then learned all about them and fell in love.

  2. Reply

    I did not realize that a salt lamp had so many health benefits. I’ve seen them on tv but didn’t really know much about them. I’m going to check into getting one for myself.

  3. Reply

    I have not heard of a salt lamp before and am so amazed by all the wonderful health benefits! Definitely need to check this one out!

    1. Reply

      Hi Vet, so glad you found this interesting :-)

  4. Reply

    they use these at a spa i go to & always wondered what they were all about! great post – i want to get one – i can use all the positive energy around me i can get!

    1. Reply

      Hello Hal and thank you for your comment :-) the fact that such lamps are used in SPAs is a good hint at how relaxing they are indeed!

  5. Reply

    I should have read this before ruining my windowsill! I was really surprised that it eroded! Very helpful, thanks.

  6. Reply

    oooo I almost had my sister buy me one of these but then changed my mind right before we were about to check out! But after reading this I may have to go back and get it!

  7. Reply

    Thanks for this post, I really didn’t fully understand the reasoning/benefits, thinking about buying one now.

    1. Reply

      I hope you’ll find it useful! Thank you Julie :-)

  8. Reply

    I’ve heard really good things about using salt lamps for anxiety. I would totally be up for trying it, but the ones I’ve seem are so expensive! Know any place to get them cheaper?

    1. Reply

      Hi Brianna. Just one word of caution: Salt Lamps that have incredibly affordable prices are either not true Himalayan Salt Lamps or they are not fair trade. They currently have a nice 23% discount at SoWell where I purchased my own lamp until 06/30 if you’re interested: http://bit.ly/23offsaltlamps (this is an affiliate link)

  9. Reply

    My ex-boss had a salt lamp. He swore by them. I think I could use one to help my concentration!

    1. Reply

      Hello dear Willow. Salt lamps indeed are great for both relaxation and concentration, that’s why I always have one on my desk :-)

  10. Reply

    That is so interesting. I had wondered about the benefits. I have always thought they were beautiful. I should get one!

    1. Reply

      Hi Kate, thank you so much for stopping by. I highly recommend you get one (or two) for your home. They really do make a big difference :-)

  11. Reply

    I thought these lamps were simply decorative! I had no idea they had so many positive benefits to them!


  12. Reply

    Great post – I had often wondered what the deal is with these beautiful lamps. I need to pick up one or two. Thanks so much for the helpful info!

  13. Reply

    I never knew all of these benefits! I totally agree with you though, if spa’s have them then that obviously speaks to their calming powers!

  14. Reply

    Previously I had heard that there were benefits to these lamps but now that I know on a more extensive basis I really feel like I need one!!!

  15. Reply

    Besides all the health benefits, these lamps look amazing! Do you know a place where they sell really big ones (like human height big)

  16. Reply

    I LOVE my Himalayan Salt Lamp. Thank you for posting about all the benefits!

  17. Reply

    Wow such an informative post. I didn’t know about benefits of this lamps, even though I always loved to have one due to it natural look

  18. Reply

    I so want to get one…. maybe for Xmas?! =)

  19. Reply

    Just got one after reading your post. I have it onb my desk and love the good vibes I get from it, so I came back to say thank you =)

  20. Reply

    I absolutely love all your tips. Gonna get me some salt lamps ASAP :)

  21. Reply

    I use pink himalayan salt for cooking. Now I *have to* get one of this for the room – thanks for a great post!

  22. Reply

    I’ve never heard about the Hiamlayan salt lamps before!

  23. Reply

    I wouldn’t have known what a Himalayan salt lamp was unless I had seen on only last weekend in a health spa. I was sitting in the waiting room, relaxing on a wicker lounger, feeling totally at ease, and spotted it. And here you are talking about them now. I would certainly consider having one at home if I had the space (not so at the moment, due to my 5 year old).

  24. Reply

    I had no idea that Himalayan salt lamps have so many benefits. It is good to know that it can help with relaxing. I wonder what other things salt can help you with.

  25. Reply

    Great post. That a beautiful lamps. I never know about benefits of Himalayan salt lamps before . Thanks for sharing.
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