Tips for a home that supports well-being & reduces stress

A balanced home life should seek to eliminate everyday stressors. According to a 2014 TIME Magazine article, people report feeling more stress from home life than from work. Increased levels of anxiety and worry over time will contribute to fatigue and illness. You can immediately change your mental state by unplugging from technology, or following our tips to improve your mind here.

Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress

To make sure your home promotes health and happiness, follow these 5 easy tips:

  1. Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Prioritize Your Sleep

One particularly stressful day may make you crave extra sleep. When your body goes through cycles like this for week or months, the end result is a lack of deep sleep. The VeryWell Mind website explains that a lack of REM (or deep) sleep over multiple nights will throw off the body’s circadian rhythms, which will make you feel more tired and throw off your hormone levels. When you feel more tired, you will likely suffer from poor mood, hunger cravings, and impaired memory. Dependence on alcohol or sleep supplements, or overuse of caffeine are both going to perpetuate this bad cycle.

Visit our guide on natural tips to sleep better for remedies that will bring you into that restful state.

5 ways to improve your body and mind

  1. number 2Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Surround Yourself with Green

The “Green” room has been an important part of theater culture, as a popular wall color for dressing rooms and places to receive the audience. While the origins of this are unclear, green remains a popular color for indoor home painting because it’s soothing. Green rooms are soothing because the color is common in plants and nature, according to SHAPE Magazine. Indoor plants and flowers are great additions to any room in the home as a decorative accent, according to REAL SIMPLE. Not only to plants provide more oxygen into the environment but caring for a plant is a surefire way to boost your mood.


  1. number 3Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Take Care of Home Chores

As mentioned above, home worries are beginning to overtake work stress in the minds of many people. Your mental state is affected by the environment around you. Make a plan each day to tackle one or two home tasks or chores each day so they do not get overwhelming. It’s a great idea to write your list on a dry erase board or chalkboard that is easily accessible and can be changed as tasks are completed. House Method recommends buying a home repair plan to cover appliances, heating units and other items that could end up costing a large amount of money to repair.

Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Take Care of Home Chores


  1. number 4Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Use Your Kitchen

There is an age old saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. With today’s fast-paced days and longer work hours, many adults cut corners with restaurant meals, takeout, and frozen dinners. Harvard Health reported on a 2017 that not surprisingly found people who choose to cook meals at home 6 to 7 nights a week consume less calories in their daily meals. Home cooking tends to be healthier and portions tend to be more reasonable than at restaurants. If you are looking to lose of maintain your weight, consider spending money on crucial home cooking items like a roasting pan or crock pot.

This Superfood Salad is packed with proteins, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. The perfect quick and healthy meal to boost you for the day

  1. number 5Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Make a Space for Happiness

Pick a space in your home that is just for you and your hobbies. It could be a walk-in closet where you keep your prized shoe collection, a porch where you grow tomato plants, a large kitchen island for food prep, or a corner of the basement where you have some comfortable pillows on the floor for reading or meditation.  Your home should be a place where you know you can decompress and cultivate happiness.

Tips for a home that supports well-being and reduces stress: Make a Space for Happiness

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a home that supports well-being and reduces stress

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    Great tips! But the one about creating a happy space caught my eye. I always wanted a fixed place which should be secluded, exclusive where I could read, meditate or just doze off sometimes. Guess my next project :) ?

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    These are great tips! I like the idea of making a space for happiness!

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    Love it! I think plants in the home are so important.
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