Avoiding A Food Feud: Catering For A Vegan Party

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What is life without family and friends? Everyone knows the importance of setting time aside to spend with those closest to us. However, as soon as you add food to the mix, socializing can become a whole lot harder. Despite the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, it is estimated that only roughly 1% of the global population follow veganism. Therefore, it’s pretty likely that at least some of your nearest and dearest might not share your diet! On the other hand, veganism is a growing movement, with the number of US consumers identifying as vegan growing by 5% since 2014. This makes it more important than ever before to include vegan options at your event.

Catering for a Vegan party
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Finding a place with both vegan options and choices for omnivores, vegetarians and those with other diets is very difficult. Organizing a gathering in the comfort of your own home might be a great way to circumvent this problem. There are two approaches you can take to creating great party food: either spending some cash and ordering catering in, or going it alone and making it yourself.
Let’s examine the options.

vegan options

First option: Using a caterer

Perhaps the more expensive of the two options, using a professional to prepare the food for your party mean the question of whether you can create tasty food for a large number of guests doesn’t need to be on your mind. There are plenty of other things which will likely be taking up your time instead. Sending out invitations; planning the music, and shopping for non-food items like decorations, drinks and ethical cleaning items for the after-party cleanup are all essential to any get-together.

When it comes to choosing a caterer, it’s always good to choose one that has chefs that specialize in plant-based dishes. There are a few other things you need to check to make sure you’re hiring the right kind of caterer. It is recommended that you sample the kind of food they’ll be serving at your party before booking them for so it will be to a non-vegan’s liking, check for any allergies your guests might have, and confirm the number of people who’ll be there. If the kind of bash you’re throwing is a bit more spontaneous, it may be worth investigating supermarkets offering vegan options. Your guests are likely to be familiar with names like Chipotle and so it’s easy to know you’re serving good quality grub.

Preparing your own Vegan party food

The alternative: Doing your own catering

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could try preparing your own food. When it comes to cooking for a large number of people, there are a few different paths you can take. One idea is minimizing the amount of work you need to do. Organizing a potluck dinner by asking each guest to bring a dish avoids complaints about a lack of meat by hardcore omnivores. Alternatively, time the party to be either in between lunch and dinner, or in the late evening, so you can get away with just serving drinks and smaller nibbles. You could prepare some breadsticks and vegetable pieces and serve with a yummy dip.

If you’re keen to show off your advanced vegan cooking skills, it’s recommended that you prepare what you’re cooking well in advance. Where possible, try to make dishes at least the day before so as to have enough time to actually talk to your guests on the day. You might consider choosing recipes like burritos or vegan crêpes, where you can save time by allowing friends and family to assemble their food themselves.

Vegan Party

Making a decision

Hiring a caterer can be expensive, but it will ensure you have delicious food ready for your event and plenty of time to spend with your guests. On the other hand, doing your own catering might be cheaper and a great opportunity to show off your cooking skills, but cooking for a sizable number of people could go horribly wrong!
Whatever option you choose, do make the effort to reconnect with your nearest and dearest – you won’t regret it!

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    Thanks a lot to both Jackie and Francesca!

    It can be hard to avoid animal products in public places or events, for sure I always go for salads and bread to stay on the safe side :)

    Best wishes and keep up the great work!

  2. Reply

    Hi Francesca,

    Nice post by your guest author :) I love the ideas here for vegan catering. Though i’m not yet 100% vegan, it annoys me if not one food of the catering is vegan friendly aside from salads. Nice post!

  3. Reply

    This is so amazing! my fiance and I are considering to serve a full vegan menu on our upcoming wedding this coming fall

  4. Reply

    Isn’t it great that Veganism is becoming mainstream nowadays? Just a few years back it was impossible to find Vegan catering services (I know because I’ve looked everywhere for my wedding…….)

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    Many thanks for your advice! I’m Vegan and this makes so much sense. I hope many people found great value and help from your amazing blog.

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    Thanks for the valuable tips. It certainly helps one to make the decision easier between choosing a caterer or doing DIY. Checking special dietary requirements is so important these days. Great advice.

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    This is some really good information about catering for vegans. My sister is about to marry a man who has a lot of vegan family members. I liked what you said about she should find a caterer for her wedding luncheon who has a lot of options for vegans.
    Penelope Smith recently posted…Benefits of Corporate Catering for Your EventsMy Profile

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    Thanks for the great tip to opt for a caterer that can cook plant-based dishes and can cook food that is safe for guests with food allergies to eat. When you said that, it reminded me of my cousin, who is in charge of organizing a birthday party for her twin sisters. I will then share these tips with her so that she can create a successful party.

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    This is some really good information about catering for a vegan party. I liked that you pointed out that it would be smart to hire a caterer. It does seem like they would know how to cook for a large about of people with really specific tastes.

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    I love how you said that having a party catering service will ensure that you have plenty of time to spend with your guests. I would imagine that having someone to cater to your event would also be a really great way to reduce your stress. That way you can have a really fun and easy time at your party!

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