Health benefits of a Vegan diet

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The number of Vegans has increased 360% in the last ten years, so one can imagine just how many people all around the world are turning towards Veganism for reasons related to both health and ethical issues.
While being Vegan is a great way to boost your intake of vitamins, rid your body of harmful toxins, and even lose weight, the health benefits of a Vegan diet go far beyond just looking and feeling a little bit better.

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Even people who think they eat a super-healthy diet might be having lurking deficiencies they don’t know about and not getting all the nutrients they need.

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How a Vegan Diet changes your insides

While your body will certainly shift in shape and form, some of the biggest benefits from going Vegan are those that you can’t see. One study found, for example, that every three percent increase in calories from plant protein was found to reduce risk of death by 10 percent. That number rose to 12 percent for reducing the risk of dying from heart disease.

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Another study conducted in the United States showed that Vegans tend to have a lower BMI than non-vegans. This not only reduces the risk of diabetes, but it could explain why vegans and even vegetarians have a lower body weight.
Along with these changes, you’ll likely notice an improved digestive system, as vegans tend to eat more foods and vegetables rich in fiber. Most meat-eating individuals don’t receive the right amount or right kind of fiber, which is why switching to a plant-based diet can help improve your body’s digestion and clear out your bowels more effectively.

health benefits of going vegan

How a Vegan diet changes your body

As with any change in your dietary or fitness routine, you can allow yourself to ease into the new lifestyle. Even though human bodies have been changing for centuries as we continue to develop as a species there are certain things we can do to help facilitate a healthier body and ideal body shape.

To alter the shape of your physical body and lose fat in undesired areas, a vegan diet can help as long as you make balanced, healthy choices, particularly if your previous diet consisted of a lot of saturated fats and processed foods. This huge contrast from high saturated fats to completely plant-based fuel can trigger a huge change in fat loss and body form.

After the initial few weeks of a vegan diet, you might also find that your taste buds are actually evolving as well. Research shows that after going for a short time period without junk food and processed sugars, the sensitivity of your taste buds for fat can change. Talk about transforming your body.

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What to Expect From Going Vegan

The decision to live on an entirely plant-based diet and do away with all meat and dairy products is definitely something you should do for your health. Think about the reasons for wanting to make a major lifestyle change and allow yourself to ease into it naturally in a way that feels comfortable to you. Ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and overall nutrition and you can expect to feel lighter and even more refreshed, as well as increase your overall health with a reduced risk of chronic diseases and possible weight loss.

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Thank you Jackie for this insightful post about the benefits of a Vegan diet and the health reasons to go Vegan.
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Health Benefits of a Vegan diet

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    Hey Francesca. This all sounds good, but even tho I don’t eat much meat, I don’t know if I want to go this direction. I love dairy: milk, cheese, ice cream! I don’t go too overboard with sweets, tho, I do, at times, have more than I know I should. But, I’m not a real junk-food junkie. My favorite drink is water. I rarely drink caffeine and almost never have carbonated bevs.
    Blessings, Cindy

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    I find it incredible when you said that a person who consumes three percent more calories from plant protein can reduce one’s death risk by ten and heart disease for twelve. This reminded me of my cousin. With this, I thought that if she were to switch to a vegan diet to make her body healthy again, what kind of meal plans should she make? Thanks!

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